Based on the details above, here I recommend you select “Command Prompt” to restore the registry. Follow the wizard to format the disks and restore the system. Driversol. Alternatively, you can perform a system image recovery if you have created a system image before the issue arise. If you have created a restore point, then using the System Restore feature will bring your computer back to a functional state.

This same approach can also work with mobile devices. Double check and make sure the website you’re trying to visit isn’t listed in your hosts file. Open hosts fileDouble check and make sure the website you’re trying to visit isn’t listed in there. This is most likely because you need to run CMD as a network service to issue the command.

Blue screen after installing windows 11

You can use this tool to find & remove all invalid registry entries, registry errors and more. While fixing registry errors, it locates incorrect & obsolete information and offers a solution to it. You can use this tool to repair & defrag Windows registry to avoid performance issues. For safe cleaning, it takes backup of your existing registry so that you can roll back changes when needed. You can run the DISM command in the command prompt to repair the registry errors. To run the DISM command, press the “Windows” key and enter the command.

They may also slow down your system by removing necessary drivers. Some of these products may not have kept pace with Windows iterations, such as the latest Windows 11. By comparison, it is always better to use the native methods for Windows that we discussed here. If Windows Defender or your antivirus can’t help, it means there is something wrong with the hard disk.

  • Make your old PC live longer — and your new PC run faster — with AVG TuneUp.
  • Select the last restore point where Windows was functioning normally and then follow the wizard on the screen.
  • Registry cleaners are definitely not a silver bullet, as many shady marketing schemes might have made you believe.

This was all on how to fix BSOD if you are ever to encounter one. As scary as it may sound, it’s relatively easy to set. We’ve tried to make these steps as simple as possible to help you out with your problem.

How To Fix Broken Registry Windows 8?

Malfunctioning drivers is yet another likely cause of a stop code ‘critical process died’. It’s worth checking if any of those drivers need an update or repair. When you confirm the system restore you can start the process. Within a few minutes, you will be back in the system as the previous one. If you do not face blue screens after this the issue was related to the software.

If the investigation above has ruled out a hardware issue, you should check if corruption is actually interfering with your OS’s ability to conduct drive repairs. An ideal way of troubleshooting a failing drive is to use the TestDisk utility to find out if bad storage clusters on your HDD are causing this issue. Windows 10 only offers a single option, which lets you More Info continue using the drive while it scans for errors. If errors are found, Windows 10 will offer the option to fix them.