On December 15, Williams released the song “Stay for a Minute”, a leftover from Unexpected for free digital download via Twitter to celebrate gaining over 100,000 followers. In August 2002, Williams embarked on her first tour as a solo artist in promotion of her debut album. Sponsored by Burger King, the 19-date BK Got Music Summer Soul Tour also featured Luther Vandross, Angie Stone and Gerald Levert. She was the first and remains the only Destiny’s Child member to have acted on Broadway. In May 2001, Destiny’s Child released the group’s third studio album Survivor. It debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 with sales of 663,000 copies.

  • Just tap on the above option and then click the OK button to confirm resetting voice settings in Discord.
  • 4) If you’re still not having any luck, it’s possible that there’s an issue with the game servers.
  • So let’s go to the home screen and then go to settings right now.
  • If this approach doesn’t fix it, try connecting via the Microsoft Teams web app instead of using the desktop app.

Alternatively, you could Microphone test either take the laptop in for professional repairs or purchase an external microphone or headset to get around the problem. If your microphone driver is bad or out of date, it will prevent your microphone from working correctly. Make sure to restart your computer after installing a new driver or replacing your driver, as it won’t take full effect until after a restart.

Right click your microphone, and click Properties. Jeremy Laukkonen is automotive and tech writer for numerous major trade publications. When not researching and testing computers, game consoles or smartphones, he stays up-to-date on the myriad complex systems that power battery electric vehicles .

Apple Preparing iOS 16.0.3 With More Bug Fixes Following iPhone 14 Launch

Lint and dirt can gather on the device socket. Thus, interrupting the connection between the headphone jack and socket. Carlcare is the only authorized service center for Infinix, TECNO and itel mobile phone users that gives customers a high quality phone repair service.

Microsoft Teams need permission to utilize the device microphone. In case permission to use the microphone is not provided, Teams won’t be able to take your audio input. You can carry out the following steps to provide microphone access to Teams.

Zoom lags or freezes during meetings

If you have more than one microphone connected to your computer, select the problematic device, and click Next to proceed. If the volume slider is greyed out, uncheck the Automatically adjust microphone volume option. Navigate to the Input tab and click on your input device (i.e. microphone). Next, click Device properties and test microphone to enter the device settings page. If your headphone or external microphone has a dedicated mute button, check that it hasn’t been toggled on by accident. To use this feature, download the Zoom app on your Android or iPhone.

Hit the Repair button during the game startup

In the case that the problem is with one of the add-ons that cannot access the microphone, then it’s because it doesn’t have enough permissions. Microsoft Teams like Windows 10 also includes privacy settings to prevent add-ons from accessing media devices and other information. Then it becomes a big challenge to start the phone again.