Gradient boosted trees were selected as the most appropriate algorithm for this modeling task of those assessed based on their overall higher cross-validation mean and comparable standard deviation for F1 scores across models. BThe number of TF-IDF terms varied across the cross-validation folds based on the comments and submissions vocabulary present in the training portion of each fold. The value presented here is the number of TF-IDF features when calculated on text from the full training set. Coders manually reviewed and labeled self-reported age in posts until they reached a minimum of 625 cases within each of the target age categories. We targeted 625 labeled cases so that we could have at least 500 labeled cases per age category to train and cross validate the algorithm (80%) and 125 labeled cases per age category for a final test set (20%). In Table 1, we report the final number of posts coded for age, as well as the number of posts excluded because they were not relevant or age could not be determined. We aimed to develop a machine learning algorithm that predicts the age segment of Reddit users, as either adolescents or adults, based on publicly available data.
how to make a chart on reddit
The average life of a post on the Reddit’s front page is 4 hours and 15 minutes. Some posts disappear after 15 minutes, some live for as long as 18 hours. Interestingly, textual self-posts with a positive headline live on the front page significantly longer than the ones with a neural or even negative headline. It pays off to have a positive headline, even if your post is negative in content.

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Climate TRACE’s mission may seem like a tall order, but it’s one that a number of big names in tech believe in. John Doerr has endorsed it, and Gore is a founding member and donor along with partners at his firm, Generation Investment Management. — Google’s charitable arm — and Eric and Wendy Schmidt’s philanthropic venture Schmidt Futures are also helping to get Climate TRACE’s efforts off the ground. Michelle Ma (@himichellema) is a reporter at Protocol covering climate. Previously, she was a news editor of live journalism and special coverage for The Wall Street Journal. Prior to that, she worked as a staff writer at Wirecutter. By October, both sides — and all the food companies, tech companies, investors and lawyers that are watching and salivating with anticipation — will have their first signals about the future of the patent in question. Impossible Foods has until near the end of July of this year to respond to Motif’s IPR filing , and then the patent office will have three months to decide whether to more seriously review it.

We ran a weighted version of the final reduced gradient boosted tree model to understand if a weighting correction would impact performance. The results confirm that performance is nearly the same with or without weighting for the imbalance. Second, users who self-report age may be systematically different than those who do not report age, which may limit generalizability to all Reddit users. Third, due to the evolving nature of language and platform use on social media, studies of this nature need to be continually updated. Previous research has found that language models used for predicting age and gender on social media tend to degrade over time if not retrained, with larger differences for younger social media users than older social media users .

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Nestor Gilbert is a senior B2B and SaaS analyst and a core contributor at FinancesOnline for over 5 years. With his experience in software development and extensive knowledge of SaaS management, he writes mostly about emerging B2B technologies and their impact on the current business landscape. However, he also provides in-depth reviews on a wide range of software solutions to help businesses find suitable options for them. Through his work, he aims to help companies develop a more tech-forward approach to their operations and overcome their SaaS-related challenges. Posts with questions get the most comments, whereas posts without questions get the most upvotes . Consequently, Reddit has gained the confidence of digital advertisers, and its popularity is on an upward trajectory. Timing on Reddit is crucial but getting it just right is tricky.

  • To achieve the 7-nanometer process, Hunt speculated that SMIC likely retrofitted equipment it already had prior to its addition to the U.S.
  • We can share, however, that Reddit has never received any national security requests for bulk data.
  • Type the second row of data in data for first column
    Impossible Foods absolutely has the right to patent a unique genetically modified yeast — it doesn’t occur in nature, and pharmaceutical companies have set the precedent for these patents for decades. But Motif FoodWorks does not produce heme using the exact same genetic edits to yeast; instead, its yeast-fermented heme comes from myoglobin proteins, created through fermentation based on a genetic blueprint from cows . China has long lagged the U.S., Taiwan and South Korea in the development of advanced chip manufacturing technology, despite having committed hundreds of billions of dollars to eliminate the gap. A report last week created substantial buzz among chip watchers that one Chinese manufacturer might have closed that gap, but the report raises more questions than it answers about China’s current manufacturing capabilities. Recognizing that innovation comes from small startups as well as big corporations, the company has also developed PepsiCo Labs.

    The mouse over detail for all the other, more complicated charts is mostly composed of the text of the comment which is easier to process than sums and averages. The simpler display of the pie graph allows for comparatively more complicated details. Still, while the distribution of comment’s length is apparent in the histogram, the distribution of comment length in each subreddit is difficult to discern. This article was written by Nicole Levine, MFA. Nicole Levine is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. She has more than 20 years of experience creating technical documentation and leading support teams at major web hosting and software companies.
    The traffic visit also increases during lunch break and when people finish their work at the end of the day. Thus, if you want to post on weekdays, these are the golden times. No doubt, there are plenty of people who’d be logged in to their Reddit accounts during the workweek, but a very few percentages of users will actually have the time to actually interact on the platform. So, the real action is reserved for the weekends – where people can sit back, relax, and check their Reddit feeds as this social media site demands time to be properly utilized. This is a timeline of Reddit, an entertainment, social networking, and news website where registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links, making it essentially an online bulletin board system. The insights data will expire after 45 days, so there won’t be a major backlog of performance data available. But it could be a valuable, interesting addition for Reddit users, in order to get an idea of who’s seeing their posts, especially users that are viewing their content and not voting or commenting. Reddit, stylized as reddit, is a social news and entertainment website where registered users submit content in the form of links or text posts.

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    Those two subreddits were not part of the 4k most popular subreddits. That makes me think that one of the easiest ways to make the model more useful is to simply train it on more subreddits. In order to test the model with the latest post submissions, I created an API endpoint using FastAPI . FastAPI is a Python web framework used by the machine learning teams at Uber and Microsoft because of its compact code, data validation, automatic documentation and high-performance thanks to Starlette and Pydantic. Even with all those limitations in mind, the trained model with R@5 of 0.6 can be useful. That means that two-thirds of the time, the first five predictions include the subreddit chosen by the human on the test dataset. Alternative predictions can help the user discover new subreddits and decide by himself whether to post there. The most coherent topic-wise subreddits have average f1-scores, like for r/MachineLearning with a f1-score of 0.4.

    We hope that these Reddit statistics have helped you to better understand the platform and its users. Above all, you should now have the basic information you need to craft a Reddit marketing strategy. Research shows that Reddit users are most active in the mornings. When posting on a Monday, try to do so between 6 am and 8 am.

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    Do we have the key leaders in place to meet each of these objectives? It’s giving folks an opportunity to move to the areas that they are most passionate about. Or for projects that were a little more controversial, like changing out our visualization tech stack, do we need to look outside for folks that are passionate about that bet? “Then, over a two or three-week period, I asked the teams to come up with ideas and strategies that contribute towards that high-level set of goals . This would become a set of strategy memos which outlined how we’re going to win,” he says. His advice for startup leaders as they craft their own performance review processes? Consider how you can implement a regular drumbeat of feedback, rather than a one-and-done approach. And don’t forget to layer on checks and balances so no one’s overlooked. In the new-and-improved system, you begin by outlining OKRs and personal development goals for the year, alongside input from your manager. On the engineering front, Caldwell finds that the biggest trap is leaving engineers out of the decision-making phase.

    Try Social Rise, a Reddit marketing tool that helps you post faster, reach more people, and stay organized to save time and grow your audience. Remember, include your OnlyFans link only if the subreddit explicitly allows it. Otherwise, you can use it to ask a question and get some engagement (which you’ll convert with the autoresponder). Go to Content Manager and find an image that fits well in the selected subreddits. Never advertise in the title or comments, unless the subreddit explicitly allows it. Rather attract users to your profile as described in the beginning. The best approach is to know where you’ll post beforehand. Then you can create images that match exactly what those subreddits like.

    If Reddit and TikTok fit into your practice, determine how you will incorporate these platforms into your marketing and prospecting strategies. You could consider a branded account, paid promotion, or client/prospect communication. In an era when companies and countries alike are making major commitments to reducing emissions, Climate TRACE’s data could be a revelation. There is currently no truly independent source verifying that countries and companies are actually doing what they’ve promised. In fact, accountability has been seriously lacking in almost every context; the Paris Agreement is nonbinding, and corporate climate plans are, at the end of the day, just nice promises. Absent strong, binding regulations or agreements, an independent body to publicly name and shame polluters is one of the best tools to stop bad actors from frying the planet. This October, the coalition plans on releasing the first-ever asset-level inventory, which will show the greenhouse gas emissions from individual power plants, steel mills or cargo ships.

    But, marketers should find out at what time content does well on Reddit and then post during those times. Because when you post at the right time, you will easily grab hundreds of views on your content. Even though image post on average get more upvotes…..text posts tend to get much more comments and stay on the front page longer. If we look at the average evolution of upvotes over a day, we see that the scores on the front page are growing significantly starting from 9am morning PST, reaching the stable peak between 5pm and 9pm PST. He makes the case that Microsoft’s operational practices should get more of Silicon Valley’s spotlight — including the company’s approach to org design and its improved performance management system. He gets vulnerable about one of the harshest pieces of feedback he ever received, and how a home run at Microsoft prompted him to leave the company and try his hand at startups. Caldwell also dives into his functional expertise, with his vision for how product and engineering can team up instead of tussle and the system he leaned on for architecting Looker’s engineering roadmap. Dig into Nick Caldwell’s resume, and you’ll see leadership posts at an enviable list of startup staples — Reddit, Looker, and now Twitter. But less typical these days is the 15-year stint he put in at Microsoft beforehand.

    A decision to review the patent could bode poorly for Impossible, according to the attorneys interviewed for this piece. Anything that’s obvious or has been made before cannot be claimed as intellectual property. But a truly unique combination of ingredients and ingredient ratios can technically be protected, and that’s Impossible’s intent here. Read more about reddit explain like i’m five here. It believes its patent means that no other company can combine heme with a specific list of other plant-based products to make a burger.
    It’s ok if you reuse the same title on multiple subreddits. They don’t make much of a difference, as the image does the heavy lifting. This guide uses the Post Scheduler to get you started and familiar with its possibilities. Bulk Upload is handy for when you start scaling up and posting more. It has the same features as Post Scheduler, just in a different format. When your image is uploaded, right-click on it and select Open in new tab. That opens a link with the image which you want to share. If you post your ass on r/boobs, it won’t get you anywhere .

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    Reddit Is Going Public: Here’s What Investors Need to Know.

    Posted: Fri, 14 Jan 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

    “Reddit Scraping” is such a common practice now because several thousand random people already UPVOTED these images proving the story is “viral”. It is the essential source of information and ideas that make sense of a world in constant transformation. The WIRED conversation illuminates how technology is changing every aspect of our lives—from culture to business, science to design. The breakthroughs and innovations that we uncover lead to new ways of thinking, new connections, and new industries. The strategy memos were then converted into roadmaps, filled in with specific items that will help achieve the overall goal — and Caldwell’s got a strict time frame for his roadmaps. Anything further down than three months, it’s harder to accurately predict what’s achievable and I want to ensure we’ve got a clear picture of what we’ll deliver to the customer within a quarter,” he says. “I started in engineering and really had no clue what product people were supposed to be doing — I thought that code solved everything.

    How do I make a table in Google Docs?

    1. On your computer, open a document or a slide in a presentation.
    2. Click Insert Table. choose how many rows and columns you want to add. Tables can be as large as 20 x 20 cells.
    3. The table will be added to your document.

    The table syntax used by reddit only gives you a limited amount of control. You can only set the column alignments and a basic table layout, without any cells spanning more than one row or column. THANKYOUVERYMUCHI ended up explaining this in a rather small subreddit a few days ago, here is a slightly edited extract which may help clarify it for a few people. Reddit is a highly effective marketing channel that is more often than not underutilized. According to, there have been 6.7 daily pageviews per visitor and a 42.2% bounce rate in the last three months .

    One is an adjacency matrix, which is a 2D matrix where the rows/columns represent the entities, and the value at the intersection between a row/column represents the weight of the relationships. For the visualization above, CuriousGnu made an adjacency matrix by querying the relationships from BigQuery for each subreddit manually. That requires adding a line of SQL for each subreddit you want to plot, which is time-consuming and I am lazy. Even considering the above reservations, I’m pretty happy about the current state of this app so I’m going to post it to reddit to get some feedback. Splitting the graphing code into separate functions based on graph type. I was planning on doing this originally, but as I added more graph types it because less clear which parts of the program were unique to a graph type and which needed to be shared. The code was fairly concise and well organized when the page only showed a scatter plot; now it is a huge mess.