Self love is the belief you hold that you are a valuable and worthy person.


The instinct or desire to promote one’s own well-being; regard for or love of one’s self.


The calendar on the right was a gift from a client and this quote perfectly describes my intention for the month, self-love.

The above definitions of self-love speak to me and what I want to share today. I see people every day who are tired of feeling depressed and anxious, unhappy in their relationship, and unhappy in life.  I feel like most people need to work on their relationship with themselves before they can be fulfilled in any other way.  I repeatedly say that if we treat ourselves like crap – through the food we eat, not getting enough sleep, or being really mean to ourselves with internal dialogue – then we will feel like crap!  The better you treat yourself, the better you will feel.  You cannot give to others if you are not taking care of yourself.  Often our self-love ebbs and flows with the stress level going on in our life.  As life gets more stressful our self-love decreases or stops completely.  However, as stress increases self-love needs to increase as well – more sleep, healthy food, exercise, time with friends, challenging ourselves when our internal dialogue is not healthy.  All these things help manage stress but are the first things neglected when things get stressful.  Often, we provide more devotion and love to our children, partner, and friends than we show ourselves especially when we are overwhelmed.

My proposal is that for the month of February we practice self-love.  We care for ourselves and listen to what our body needs.  Demonstrating good self-care, love and boundaries to our children and others allows them to be empowered to do the same.  Our bodies will speak to us and often do when we slow down and listen to what it needs.  It’s when we ignore our body and spirit’s little grabs for attention our body will stop us in our tracks – either with being physically sick or breaking down emotionally.  Let’s listen to our body and spirit before it gets to that.  Make it a goal to operate from a place self-love this month, with a belief that we are valuable and promote our own well-being.


  1. Make sleep non-negotiable
  2. Schedule time on your calendar (yes, write it down) for self-care: exercise, lunch with friends etc.
  3. Nourish and care for your body – healthy food, exercise
  4. Do not say anything to yourself you wouldn’t say to a friend
  5. Surround yourself with people who support you in your self-love journey


I hope to have inspired you to focus on treating yourself with a little more love this month.  Please report back on what you notice!

In light and in love, Namaste


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  • Sondra Dubas

    Thank you for this reminder. I accept the challenge.

  • Bridget

    It is so easy to forget to care for ourselves. Our lives are filled with children, partners, work, activities and all of the needs they have. With the hectic pace we operate under it easy to feel that taking time to care for yourself is selfish. We need to remember that we are important and worthy too. I will try hard to keep this in mind this month. Thank you for the tips 🙂

  • Lorena

    Excellent!! I try to do it and I hope not only for one month.
    Thank you!

  • Daniel

    Great Blog

  • SCPD-J2

    Thanks Doc. I’m on board, too!

  • Deb Shults

    Such words of wisdom!
    Thanks dear friend, I’m starting my intention now

  • Sandra Cole

    Steph, thank you for the reminder. I’ve often been told that before others may love us, we have to truly love ourselves, and I have struggled with that throughout my life, but am finally beginning to see the light at the end of the “love tunnel” 😉

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