This was the best line I heard all week.  It was so real about life.  The client who said this is taking the time to do the work she needs to do so she can live life fully.  When she said this it immediately made my mind start going with all these thoughts of how many of us are living life on the outskirts and just getting by.  It may not be Xanax, it could be many things – alcohol, drugs, work or any number of things that are “helping” (is it really?) us get by but on the outside of life and not really engaging.

I love Brené Brown and recently reread her book Rising Strong.  She was also recently on Oprah’s podcast SuperSoul Conversations which I highly recommend.  Brené has done research on vulnerability and shame.  And the research shows that shame is what keeps people “staying on the outskirts and living on Xanax”.

It seems that in an attempt to keep safe many are staying in their little bubble of “safety” but not really living life.  In order to engage you need to be vulnerable and willing to get outside of the safe zone – share your story, sign up for that class or do whatever you want really want to do.

This is your life.  Be brave, live it.  Do not let shame and fear make the decisions for your life, you will regret it.  I encourage you to challenge yourself today to do something outside of your comfort zone!

Work may need to be done in therapy in order to get to the point where you are no longer on the outskirts.  The therapy room can be your safe place where you work through your shame so the hours outside of therapy you can live.  Do the work you need to do so you can LIVE!


  • Bridget

    This really spoke to me Stephanie. We will regret not living fully because fear and shame hold us back. Thank you for reminding us all to take that step forward.

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