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The thought is that your company should pay workers based on your formal compensation strategy, not their pay history. By relying on your company’s pay rates as the guide, it creates a more equitable pay structure.

Most companies pay salaries in cash rather than in goods or services. The deduction is usually the fair market value of the goods or services transferred if you render non-cash compensation. Since delay in arrival or unnoticed absentees put extra work load on fellow employees and hamper smooth run of the organization, reporting for work regularly and on time is essential.

Example: Sandy has an annual salary of $120,000, which is paid weekly.

Ricardo thought of it in terms of the capital—such as food, clothing, tools, raw materials, or machinery—needed for conditions of employment. The size of the fund could fluctuate over periods of time, but at any given moment the amount was fixed, and the average wage could be determined simply by dividing the value of this fund by the number of workers. Some states and cities across the country have laws in place that prohibit asking a job candidate about salary history.

Posting salaries is just the start for pay transparency—what experts say should come next – CNBC

Posting salaries is just the start for pay transparency—what experts say should come next.

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Salaried persons are not paid additional compensation for any extra hours. Whereas wage holder does get an additional pay for the extra hours devoted by him. A salaried person usually has KRA i.e. key resultant area set for the month on the basis of which their performance is judged. Whereas the waged person does not salaries and wages have any KRA and is judged on the basis of hourly work done. If you discover there are employees with salary rates disproportionate with your policy or the market, it could be seen by employees as unfair. Sometimes positions have a significant strategic importance and the pay rate can be defended as acceptable.

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However, these inconsistencies should be documented as part of a pay structure analysis. It’s easier to defend a claim of unequal pay if you have objective criteria for how you base your pay decisions. To help give a framework to your employee compensation, your company should detail how pay decisions are made. Having a system of checks and balances can help keep wages in line with your company policies, job descriptions and industry standards.

  • Thus, pay is much more likely to be accrued in a company’s financial statements for a person being paid wages than for someone being paid a salary.
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  • Salary or wagesmeans the income computed pursuant to Chapters I and II of Title II of Book III.